Crispy Chicken GF “Panko” Crumbing


Sweet, sweet panko. You make everything oh-so crispy. You’re featured in recipes world-wide as the go-to magic ingredient for crispy crumbing. The kids said my “crispy chicken” sushi crumbing ain’t crisp’n, so they don’t want homemade sushi anymore! I tried you to see what the fuss was about. Now I get it. Yes, you’re good. Too good. Does nothing compare to you?! I tried replacing you with quinoa flakes, rolled oats, rice flour… nothing could recreate your magic.


Because every ingredient (except seaweed powder) detracts from your health instead of contributing to it.
Wheat flour, yeast, salt, palm oil, glucose, bread improver [contains malt, seaweed powder, isolated soy protein], dough conditioner (ascorbic acid).
See previous content on glyphosate, white flour, oils, salt etc.


This is the best part. It’s the easiest thing in the world. Follow this recipe, and there’s your “Panko”! It’ll make enough to crumb a bulk 1.5kg tray of chicken. If you don’t cook that much chicken, just pop some “panko” aside for next time ready to go in the pantry or freezer. I like to cook the whole tray to have extra chicken cooked and available in the fridge or freezer for another meal. 

Crispy Chicken GF "Panko" Crumbing

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cook Time: 9 minutes
Total Time: 18 minutes


  • 1 food processor
  • 1 frypan


"Panko" Crumbing

  • 3 pkts organic brown rice crackers Ceres Organic is great
  • ½ tspn salt himalayan / celtic / sea
  • tspn pepper freshly cracked, less if you like


  • 1.5 kg chicken breast that's one of the bulk trays from the supermarket
  • 3 eggs whisked
  • olive oil to cook
  • 1 tbsp Italian herbs optional


  • 1. Make "panko" cripsy crumbing by blitzing everything in the food processor until fine. If you don't blitz it quite fine enough, the crumb will be quite chunky (mine is that way in the picture). Pour into a large bowl that you'll use to coat the chicken. Set aside. Here are the hard rice crackers I recommend:
  • 2. Slice chicken into strips for sushi / wraps / salad, or bite sized pieces for nuggets. Set aside.
  • 3. Crack and whisk the eggs into a bowl. Set aside.
  • 4. Create a procession line. Left to right should be chicken, egg, crumbing, spare plate.
  • 5. Call the kids in to help with this bit - mine love doing this part! Using one hand, pick up a few slices of chicken, dunk them in the egg mixture, lift them up to shake them off a bit and them pop them in the crumbing bowl. *With your other hand* pick up a handful of crumbing and place it on top of the chicken. Press it down and coat the chicken pieces individually until they are sufficiently crumbed.
  • 6. Heat a big frypan and cover the base with olive oil. When the oil is hot enough where it sizzles when the chicken touches it, place your first batch of chicken in the pan. Leave it. Don't touch it until it's nice and golden on one side. Using tongs, flip them over until golden on the other side. Pop them on some paper towel.
  • 7. Continue until all the chicken is cooked. Store the rest in the fridge or freezer for another meal. Or if you prefer, cook some now and freeze some crumbed uncooked chicken for next time! You've just made life easy for yourself down the track. Pat yourself on the back.
  • 8. Use your crispy crumbed chicken to make sushi, nuggets, caesar chicken salad.... whatever you fancy!
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Course Dinner, Freezer Friendly, Lunch, Main Course, School Lunches, Special Occasion - Kids Party
Cuisine Japanese
Keyword simple swap
Allergy Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Legume Free, Nightshade Free, Nut Free, Peanut Free, Refined Sugar Free, Sesame Free, Soy Free, Wheat Free
Author: Laini Oldfield

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About the Author: Laini Oldfield

Laini is a mum of 5 and creator of STACKD Wholefood Blends, The Wholefood Collective + The No Fuss Nourished Method. She's coached tens of thousands of people on how to feel amazing using nutrition. She has a particular love for helping parents learn how to nourish their children and themselves without losing their marbles. Unconventional smoothies are Laini's obsession, and she's even developed a range of organic wholefood booster blends that target particular health goals and deliver maximum goodness in one complete and balanced meal. When she's not with her own family or coaching other families, you'll probably find her at the beach soaking up the sun and getting some much needed solitude.

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