Yummy GF Chicken Crumb

I’m all about making life easy for myself while eating yummy and nutritious food.
So most weeks, I cut a big tray of bulk free-range chicken breasts, whip up this crumbing, and then a couple of the kids sit up at the kitchen bench in a procession line. One dunks the chicken into the egg and the other coats it with crumbing and places it on a plate for me to fry in the pan.
It feeds us for dinner that night, and a whole bunch of lunches through the week (and we’re a big family of 7)! I’m *always* thinking about how dinner can be repurposed for lunches. I don’t like to spend more time prepping lunches than I need to.

Here’s some ideas of how you can use these:

  1. A good ol’ basic crumbed chicken with some rice and steamed veg and corn cobs. Traditional, yummy, it gets eaten. (If vegan, try firm tofu!).
  2. For sushi (though our kids actually love a Panko crumbing – and to avoid the Panko crumbs I just throw a couple packets of organic brown rice crackers into the food processor and use those instead! Nice and crispy and nobody knows).
  3. For lunches: crumbed chicken + salad wraps or sandwiches
  4. For lunches: chopped up crumbed chicken mixed with rice in a thermos. Just heat it up in the pan with a splash of water and crack some salt and pepper over it before popping it in the thermos (it just brings some flavour to the rice). You can even mix a little Urban Forager chicken broth paste through the rice, or chop up some of the veg from dinner real small and mix that through as well. It’s accepted a lot better if there’s corn in there too, in my experience.

Add your own ideas in the comments! Crumbed chicken is super versatile. Chicken Schnitzel maybe!


Yummy GF Chicken Crumb

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes


  • 1 frypan


For the Crumbing

For the Protein (choose from the below)

  • 1 tray free-range or organic chicken the really big bulk trays
  • Firm tofu GMO-free, preferably organic


  • 1. Combine all crumbing ingredients in a bowl
  • 2. To use it to make crumbed chicken, simply cut a big bulk tray of free-range chicken (or organic if you've splurged!) into smaller fingers (I usually cut it lengthways once to make it thinner, then cut into finger shapes - maybe two fingers wide).
  • 3. Whisk 3 eggs and place in a wide shallow bowl
  • 4. Dunk the chicken fingers into the egg mix and dump it into the chicken crumb bowl with one hand, and with your other hand coat the chicken with the crumb. I like to pick up a bunch of crumbing and press it into the chicken so lots gets on! Place onto a plate.
    (This is the process my kids do for me - highly recommended).
  • 5. Heat a bunch of extra virgin olive oil in a pan. You want a fair bit of oil in there. Enough to make sure that when you fill the pan with chicken, the oil completely covers the base of all the chicken, and even up the sides a bit.
  • 6. Test if the oil is hot enough by placing a little bit of chicken or crumbing into it. If it sizzles or makes any bubbles, it's ready.
  • 7. Place the chicken in the pan, being sure each piece has it's own space and isn't on top of each other. Don't touch it until it's nice and brown. Flip. Wait for it to the brown again and then place it on some paper towel.
    Try not to cover the plate with anything, because if it's still hot it will create a steam bath under there and the crumbing will soften. If you want to keep them warm, try placing them uncovered in a warm (but not hot) oven.
  • 8. It's ready to eat! Enjoy your dinner, and place the rest in the fridge to repurpose for a different dinner tomorrow night, or lunches for the week! Pat yourself on the back. You did good.


You can change out the chicken for firm tofu to make this vegetarian. So good.
If you don't want to make a big batch of protein tonight, that's ok - just make the crumbing recipe and place what's leftover in the freezer for another day. It won't freeze hard, it'll be ready to pull out and use whenever you want!
Or, make a double batch of crumbing to make your life easy for a few weeks to come. 
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!
Course Dinner, Freezer Friendly, Lunch, Main Course
Keyword bulk, summer
Allergy Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Legume Free, Nightshade Free, Oil Free, Peanut Free, Refined Sugar Free, Sesame Free, Soy Free, Wheat Free
Value Paleo
Author: Laini Oldfield

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About the Author: Laini Oldfield

Laini is a mum of 5 and creator of STACKD Wholefood Blends, The Wholefood Collective + The No Fuss Nourished Method. She's coached tens of thousands of people on how to feel amazing using nutrition. She has a particular love for helping parents learn how to nourish their children and themselves without losing their marbles. Unconventional smoothies are Laini's obsession, and she's even developed a range of organic wholefood booster blends that target particular health goals and deliver maximum goodness in one complete and balanced meal. When she's not with her own family or coaching other families, you'll probably find her at the beach soaking up the sun and getting some much needed solitude.

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